How can I learn digital marketing for free?

Learn Digital Marketing for free

That’s a great question and it prompts me to think about how I learned along the way (and how I could accelerate the journey for others). In general, I find the best way to learn is by blending Theory and Practice. Read a little, and then put it into action.  That’s stood me in good […]

How to Transform Your Digital Marketing Career in 2020?

Digital Marketing Career in India 2020

In the past decade, there is a massive positive change in our digital technology and influenced by that many other things got changed. The buy/sell market has gained absolute control over the internet, and people are now opting for digital marketing over offline means of marketing/advertising. In this article, I have discussed some relevant & […]

9 Steps to Learn Digital Marketing at Home and Become an Expert

Learn Digital Marketing at Home

From the beginning of the 2nd millennium, the entire landscape of the marketing industry has taken an upside turn. With the internet becoming more and more prominent, the marketing industry is shifting the foundation to the digital world. During this transition phase, if you can become a digital marketing expert then you will certainly be […]

How You Can Start Career In Digital Marketing Without Joining Classes

Career In Digital Marketing 2019

Every individual at an initial stage gets puzzled for beginning their career in Digital Marketing and due to which they fall in doing highly paid, non-qualified courses and then stuck in searching for a job. [Tweet “A Digital Marketer is more a solution provider than a problem describer!!!”] Hence, to give gear for starting your […]

5Th Digital Marketing Meetup Mumbai -Hitesh Motwani

Digital marketing event Hitesh_Motwani

After the Successful Nashik Meet up, we decided to conduct the next meet up in the financial capital of our country, MUMBAI. We were getting a lot of requests from there to organize the meetups and finally, the time came. Because of the previous meetups, a lot of people got connected and through this connection, […]

Is Digital Marketing Career Option after an MBA Program?

Digital marketing after MBA

Do many people ask if digital marketing career after MBA? Are we able to make money after choosing digital marketing as a career option? How many hours do we work for a day? Can I get good payment? Which is the best way to start digital marketing? Whom should I follow? What is the best […]