The complete Social Media Holidays Calendar to plan your campaigns for 2019!

Social Media Holidays Calendar 2019

As they say, if you don't know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.

Being a social media marketer, you are no stranger to the importance of well-planned marketing campaigns. If you do not plan your strategy well ahead of time, you will miss out on the valuable opportunities presented by trending topics in the form of fun and relevant “holiday” content on social media.

To help you increase the brand engagement by creating successful campaigns centered around trending festivals and holidays, we have put together a handy Social media holidays calendar 2019.

Obviously featuring all the usual days such as Women's Day and Black Friday, this free Social Media holidays calendar also includes plenty of off-beat, unusual events that will give you the opportunity to put together a winning marketing campaign.

Many people whom I work with or the businesses I consult have an active social media page for their businesses. However, the one standard issue that most of them face with social media is, 'Missing outposts and updates on important festivals for their brands.'

It's true that all of them may not apply to your brand, industry, country or region. But, it's always good to adopt a social media festival calendar to ensure that you don't miss out on the relevant ones.

What is a Social Media Holidays calendar?

A Social media calendar is no different than your usual social media content calendar. Basically, with a festival content calendar, you can organize your content pages such as blog posts, videos, creative or GIFs at one place and schedule them based on the upcoming festivals and their priority for your brand.

Here are five reasons why you should have a social media festival calendar for your brand

1.You Do Not Miss Out On Essential Festivals

Commemorative days, especially festivals, play a vital role in not only creating your content calendar but also for strategizing your digital campaigns. For any brand, commemorative days are an integral part of their content bucket. Festivals bring joys in people's lives and thus creating content for such days helps in moving your audience from awareness to conversion stage of buyer's journey

 2.Keeps Your Content Organized

One of the significant benefits attached to a festival content calendar is the organization of your content at one place. It serves as a content repository for your brand. Since you've already collated your vital content pegs in one pot, it becomes much more comfortable for the social media team for timely updates without missing out any critical dates.

3.Predefines The Marketing Plan

With a ready content sheet, the festival content calendar works as a handbook and cheat sheet for your marketing plans. With essential days jotted down at one place, making a compelling marketing plan becomes an easy job. It will also help for devising an effective campaign strategy and planning

4.Saves Time

As a social media manager, there is loads of work that comes in at the last minute. Managing social platforms of different clients and brands becomes a tough job, but with a ready calendar, you save the 11th hour rush for the right content to pick and post. It will result in saving time. In this way, you can have a smooth execution of your digital campaigns.

 5.Creates an Overview of Festivals

With beforehand knowledge of upcoming festivals and their respective dates or period, it becomes easier to manage your festival campaigns effectively. You can strategize based on which celebrations are important to you and which are not. Such scrutiny assists you to give priority to your essential festivals and creates a thoughtful campaign for the same.

The bottom line is, from product launch to exciting offers to increase sales, festivals are one of the most critical events for any business. Hence, it's always a wise decision to have a social media holidays calendar that helps in promoting your brand effectively in the digital space.

“Holidays are a gift that not only increases your social media engagement, but they’re easy posts to create that fill your followers with positive emotions”

Who all will benefit from this List of 2019 Holidays?

The list of 46 holidays to celebrate on social media given below is not just a bunch of vague days like National Pirate Day and National Handwashing Day.

It consists of common holidays that are relevant to most businesses around the globe.

If your business is outside of the United States, many of the holidays on the list below will still apply. Plus, to find additional holidays and festivals specific to your country, a quick Google search is recommended.

This list is ideal for small business owners and large corporations alike. Doesn't matter whether you're a solo-entrepreneur or a corporate marketer, the holidays on this catalog will help you plan the social media strategy for your business. So, buckle up and free Social media holidays calendar for 2019.

To help you find the right days to celebrate, we have put together the list of social media holidays calendar for 2019! Just remember to stick to events that make sense for your brand and will help you attract the right kind of audience.

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