That’s a great question and it prompts me to think about how I learned along the way (and how I could accelerate the journey for others).

In general, I find the best way to learn is by blending Theory and Practice. Read a little, and then put it into action.  That’s stood me in good stead in my digital career.

So, let’s get to it. These are some 15 Tips to learn digital marketing for free: 

  1. Love what you do or do what you love to do
  2. Understand the basic fundamental of Marketing before you jump or start a career in Digital Marketing
  3. Be active on social media sites and start using it in the right ways
  4. Digital marketing is not Rocket science that you will learn in Week, months or years. It is all about your skills, passion for digital marketing.
  5. Start engaging with digital marketers in different Facebook groups, forum so that, you can share your thoughts, idea, experience in Digital space
  6. Download Free EBOOK, PDF, courses.
  7. Attend networking events, webinars, seminars, workshop, conferences
  8. Ask you doubts on Q&A sites- like Quora, or tweet them on Twitter
  9. Start working in a digital marketing agency where you can explore different elements in digital marketing
  10. Register for the newsletter- get daily tips to learn digital marketing
  11. Most importantly listen to digital marketing related Podcasts. Also, this is a great source for people who like to listen and are great listeners. Plus the kind of topics that are taken in various podcasts is very niche.
  12. Stay updated with current trends, start implementing to do it.
  13. Apply for Internship- it does not matter wheater it paid or free… what matters is the experience of Meeting and working with record companies is priceless.
  14. Lean and explore free digital marketing tools.
  15. Start to  implement things – Learn, Apply and Share

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Best of luck!

Know any other tips to learn digital marketing for free? Share them in the comments field!

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