How to turn on targeting for organic Facebook post


Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm has always kept the digital marketer on their toes. Branded and original content is what audiences are demanding, and businesses have to deliver the same on a timely basis to keep their brands visible in the newsfeeds.

You must be aware of and be using targeting options while doing your media spends, but what you wouldn’t know is that these options are also available for your organic posts. Facebook audience targeting for organic posts allows you to narrow down your audiences by interests, age, gender, location, and language.

Audience targeting creates an opportunity to personalize your Facebook page content and optimize your organic posts for a better and more visible engagement.

Here is how you can set up audience targeting for your organic posts on the Facebook page:

  1. Go to Settings options on your Facebook page
  1. From the ‘General’ tab, look for ‘Audience Optimization for Posts’ and select the checkbox to enable preferred audience selection and restriction for your posts and save changes.
  1. Head to your Facebook page, and you can see a targeting icon in the compose post tab option.
  1. Now you can apply audience targeting based on their interests, age, gender, location, and language. Once you define your target demographics, it will show you an estimated reach based on the preferred selection. Your content will be visible more likely to the people with similar interests that you’ve selected.


  1. You can also restrict the audience in ‘Restrict Audience’ tab which will let you limit the visibility of your content to only specific demographics.

Thus, with audience optimization, you can target your organic Facebook posts to the right audience that are most likely to be interested in engaging with your content. Audience targeting will not only help you in improving your outreach but also give you valuable insights on your posts performance. Moreover, this will also assist you in strategizing your future content plans.


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