In the past decade, there is a massive positive change in our digital technology and influenced by that many other things got changed. The buy/sell market has gained absolute control over the internet, and people are now opting for digital marketing over offline means of marketing/advertising. In this article, I have discussed some relevant & helpful points regarding digital marketing in order to make a career in digital marketing in India 2020.

I assure you that you won’t regret going through this comprehensive article because the points mentioned are completely relevant and will help you for the next whole decade. Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject.

How to Transform Your Digital Marketing Career in 2020?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products/services over the internet (digitally), but it is not easy as the definition depicts. Many people refer to it as an easy way to make money, but they realize their foolishness as soon as they practically do it. I have discussed a few points— to focus on & learn from, to accelerate your growth in Digital Marketing.

1. Say No to Online Courses/Certification

Some institutions and individuals are selling online digital marketing courses with certifications, but please clear your head because only a dumb client will hire you on the basis of some certificate. Without practice, you will never be able to learn the core of digital marketing.

2. Perform in a Dynamic Environment

It is the right time to switch from those old dead strategies to new technology as the environment has gone through a massive change. No matter digital or offline, both marketing structures are performed in a dynamic environment that undergoes widespread changes. You need to drop the digital marketing techniques you learned in 2015 and move forward with new strategies. Adapting to the changing environment is very crucial to make a career in digital marketing in 2020.

3. A Certain Death to an Artist Is Overconfidence

If you think you know everything, and no update of Google algorithm can affect you, then your career in digital marketing 2020 will end soon. To be the best in digital marketing, you need to have the “learning for life” attitude. Learning new strategies & techniques is the key to grow in digital marketing.

4.Learn & Develop New Skills to Increase Sales

Learn new skills that can help you turn your reach into profitable conversions. Do not forget the sole reason for marketing that is turning reach into sales. Develop high-income skills like copywriting to turn your audience into customers.

5. Branding Is Not Enough

Gone are the days when branding & marketing were misunderstood as the same. Marketing is not just about putting a cool name & design to a brand/product but about reaching to the target audience and stimulating them to have a positive impact on the brand/product.

6. Are No God of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a wide subject, and learning or performing every aspect of it is not possible for a single person. To master digital marketing, you need to hire people for different tasks because you cannot perform it all by yourself. So don’t waste time to learn it all because learning is a sure waste if not executed somewhere for which you do have time.

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7. Research Deeply while Buying a Domain

For instance, you are picking a domain for a new project or even for a client, and then make sure that you dig deep enough to find its true worth. There are various tools like AHREF & Semrush to check expired domain ratings. Recently released, Chuck Duck is an exceptional tool to evaluate expired domains.

8. Make Yourself a Doer

Working on a project which is paying you less is a lot better than planning for a future project that will pay more. Do not get me wrong as I am not degrading the planning process but promoting the doer attitude. I worked for free on around 22 projects, just to learn new things. So if you are not taking projects because everyone is paying less, then you are definitely going down in your career.

9. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I have seen many people reaching a certain position in their digital marketing career and just living in their zone without performing extra. If you are satisfied with whatever you are earning right now, then don’t expect to grow anymore because as soon as you fall the comfort of success, your growth dies.

10. Don’t Wait for Others to Push You Do Extra

Do not wait for your client or mentor to push you to do extra or put extra effort into work. The hunger to do more is important in digital marketing because pushing to do extra will help you learn new aspects of work.

11. Let Technology Work for You

Save your time for something more valuable by delegating the less valuable time to others or technology. There are so many things like automation APIs & bots, which work for you 24×7. Some people have already started building automation sites that post deals regularly. Now get some inspiration from the first-movers and save your time.

12. Change Mentors

I do not say that the experience of your old mentor is 0 or worthless but be independent and learn from the people who are constantly digging for knowledge and learning. Digital Marketing is not a book that you can read and become an expert. You need to practice hard to learn & grow in it.

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13. Make Connections

Connection with people having the same interest is awesome as you always learn something new from each other. Joining marketing groups & participating in forums will increase your ground knowledge about digital marketing.

14. Stop Getting Overwhelmed

People get overwhelmed easily on what people say or spread because nobody actually knows anything as much as you think they do. So stop getting overwhelmed and constantly improve your work efficiency & skills.

15. Show OFF = Turn OFF

It is always great helping someone with work or knowledge, but racing towards nothing and showing off that you acquire more knowledge than anyone else is negative for your career. This type of attitude gives rise to overconfidence, and you will lose your focus from things that worth everything.

16. Learner & Doers Win the Race

The common thing in every work is to keep learning & doing things in the right direction. Believe in yourself that constantly working and not getting results is not wasting time, but learning where not to waste time. Do not judge results in a month or even a year because every genuine work takes time & hard work.


Digital Marketing has employed so many people, and the rate of employment is increasing rapidly. Earning good and satisfying the clients should not stop you from opting for the new techniques and strategies. The things you learned in 2015 won’t work for you in 2020, and so everyone who seeks improvement in their career needs to adopt new techniques. Today, I have shared some helpful points to improve & create a career in digital marketing in India in 2020. I believe that this comprehensive piece of information helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject. But if you have any doubt or query related or relevant to the subject, then please comment below, and I will surely respond to it with a positive & helpful reply. Also, share this article with your friends who might find this helpful and let them know what to change in 2020.

How effective or helpful this article was for you? Share your marketing strategies for 2020.

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