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Social Media Day 2019 was a huge success. More than the above statistics, it was the enthusiasm on the face of the Digital Marketers that attended these events; that made it a triumph. It all started with a general doubt – how to make this year’s Social Media Day special? So, posted a poll on Indian Digital Club’s group and three weeks later – the doubt was a reality. Meetups all over India with Digital people doing one thing they hate to do the most in life – come offline and meet people. (Just kidding!)

A little look into the history of how this all started –

Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Indian Digital Club wanted to spread more awareness about the importance of social media. So, we asked our members across India to give India v/s England match a little break and go celebrate our day in pride in their own cities.

Here’s a small brief of how Social Media Day 2019 was celebrated throughout India:


Social Media day in Delhi 2019 Social Media day in Delhi 2019

Organizer: Anuratti Vidyarrthi

Number of attendees: 30+

Started off with the organizers of the event, Anuratti Vidyarrthi welcoming all the participants, speakers and guests to the event. After which Arbab Usmani spoke on Social Media and also on Push and Pull Marketing in Social Media. Our first speaker for the day was Pranav Jha who spoke on Building Customer Relations via Social Media. Then next in line was Abhishek Verma, who shared information about the latest algorithm and solved doubts of the participants related to Instagram and its dynamic algorithms. Our last speaker for the day was Rudrabha Mukherjee who spoke about Automation in Social Media.


Social Media day in Mumbai 2019 Social Media day in Mumbai 2019

Organizer: Ashutosh Pandey, and Mihir Gadhvi

Number of attendees: 36

Economic capital, Mumbai, started off the celebrations for the day with speaker Gopal Iyer sharing his experience on Facebook Remarketing; Digital Pratik shared his experiences on Social media trends & Influencer Marketing, and how content is going to be important in the coming future. Rohan Chaubey shared growth hacking techniques (Coding + Marketing). Youtuber Satish Kushwaha, Venue Illustrake, Host Ashutosh Pandey, and Mihir Gadhvi of Illustrake had been great to support to kick-off this event successfully.


Social Media day in Visakhapatnam 2019 Social Media day in Visakhapatnam 2019

Organizer: P. Vishnu Vardhan & G.Rakesh Chandra

Number of attendees: 33

Kishan Ankani started off by sharing his thoughts on the topic – Social media strategy and overview. Our Second speaker P. Vishnu Vardhan with a topic Social Media Business for Startups where he deals with three major social media platforms which have less awareness – LinkedIn, YouTube & Twitter. Our third Speaker G. Rakesh, who is well known as a Facebook ad player came up with the topic called Unleashing Facebook Ads. He revealed his ads secrets and helped the attendees with their doubts. Students, who attended this event, also got good insights from all three speakers.


Social Media day in Goa 2019 Social Media day in Goa 2019

Organizers: Amey Arsekar, Ankita Nagvekar, and Rachel Borges

Number of attendees: 38

The crowd was a mixture of various businesses, students and influencers. Ankita Nagvekar started with explaining about our group and how it all started. Rachel Borges, covered a session on Instagram marketing tips for businesses, while Amey Arsekar spoke about the future plans of the group. Also, there were success stories shared by brands and influencers like Bina Punjani, House of Blurb, Vrishaka and Kevin. There were games, debates, question and answer sessions and more. Everyone had brilliant ideas and experiences to share. Networking was at its peak!


Social Media day in Surat 2019 Social Media day in Surat 2019

Organizers: Bhautik Sheth

Number of attendees: 140

It was 4th Social Media Marketing Day in Surat. Started in 2016, iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services continued celebrating the day this year again. With more than 170 participants, it is considering to be India’s largest Social Media Day celebration. 3 speakers took the stage on fire with the knowledge sharing sessions. Bhautik Sheth, founder of iVIPANAN conducted a session on “sales conversion through Instagram stories”. Vanitaa Rawat spoke on “Social Media Influencer – No more a celebrity’s game”. Mayur Bardolia conducted a session on “How to make people buy from you on Social Media”. With 3 years long program, everyone had a gala time gaining deep insights from the speakers and networking with each other!


Social Media day in Nagpur 2019 Social Media day in Nagpur 2019

Organizers: Neha Dhakate & Govind Chandak

Number of attendees: 40

Many young students and business owners across Nagpur participated to learn more about Social Media and to celebrate the day. Three speakers conducted the complete event and spoke on different topics of Social Media. Neha Dhakate presented the topic “How to do personal branding via social media?”- All About Your Comfort Zone to Courage Zone, Sukhada Chaudhary presented the topic “How to do leverage social media marketing for small business?”-Get your hands dirty sharing her mantra for marketing and Govind Chandak told the students and attendees about “How to retain your Social Media Marketing Clients?”-Steps to Monitor your client. Overall the event was a huge success and got a great response from attendees.


Social Media day in Indore 2019 Social Media day in Indore 2019

Organizer: Sumit Bhatnagar

Number of attendees: 35+

A Huge Success of Ninth World Social Media Day at Versatile Institute of Digital Marketing. A Proud Moment for our Team to become a part of this Digital Era & Celebrating the most Special Day for Social Media Influencers. Empowerment of entrepreneurship via digital media was the trend of the day and that was people’s opinion of meet-up in Indore as well. More than 30 people attended the event.


Social Media day in Bangalore 2019 Social Media day in Bangalore 2019

Organizer: Sandeep YN & Monishna Preiasmy

Number of attendees: 40

Monisha and Sandeep from Bangalore volunteered to organise the event for the Bangalore chapter. Our community partners are Madam Digital Marketing, The digital club by Digital Deepak and Belong Bengaluru. Speakers for the day were Ms.Manasi, Ms. Kumar, Mr.Sumit Gosh and Saharsh Mittal. Around 40 people turned out for the day.


Social Media day in Patna 2019 Social Media day in Patna 2019

Organizers: Prabhakar Alok

Number of attendees: 35+

We wanted the day to be a mix of information sharing & fun-filled activities. Digital Marketers meet-up rarely happens in Bihar, let alone in Patna. We covered several topics from Digital Marketing such as Affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO Technique, and Social Media Management. The meet-up was addressed by Digital Guru Prabhakar Alok, in which he gave a deep concept of all the topics including a wide array of information of Digital Marketing. After this session, we cut the cake and the fun-filled activities started with lots of games and different activities to make this event interesting and memorable.


Social Media day in Pune 2019 Social Media day in Pune 2019

Organizers: Snehal Chandak & Harshit Gupta

Number of attendees: 70+

Last but definitely not the least – The hub of all the digital marketers – Pune had to step up on our day with the celebrations. We invited some of the best social media & digital marketing thought leaders to share their experience with young aspiring marketers. The idea was to inspire the community through social media influencers from various brands, where they share the latest social media marketing insights. It was a great opportunity to network, connect and engage in meaningful conversations. The event included fun games and quizzes for seamless knowledge sharing, accompanied by delicious refreshments. Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand and that was clearly visible with the success of the event in Pune.


Social Media day in Jaipur 2019 Social Media day in Jaipur 2019

Organizers: Shrey Goswani

Number of attendees: 40

The Pink City of India, Jaipur may be known for its glorious past and exquisitely-built palaces, but it didn’t take away the fact that they don’t lag behind in the current trends in the digital world. Experienced experts and trainers like Balendu Mohan & Akhilesh Trivedi spoke on the subjects like the scope of Digital Marketing & SMM for startups and how entrepreneurs can kickstart their journeys with Digital Marketing. 


Social Media day in Kanpur 2019 Social Media day in Kanpur 2019

Organizers: Sandhya Bhadauria

Number of attendees: 45 

Knowledge knows no bounds and that’s what was proved in Kanpur meetup for Digital Marketers. Speaker session, knowledge sharing, networking and celebration of the day was very well organized. Building a business online and successfully running it was made easier with the sessions here.


Social media day in chennaiSocial media day in chennai

Organizers: Arokia Vimal 

Number of attendees: 28

In Chennai, Social Media Day was celebrated with a mission to spread the awareness of Social Media Marketing to business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring social media marketers. This event was hosted by Digital Vimal, who talked about the benefits of social media and explained how to create a proper social media strategy for scaling a business. Followed by which, Video Content Creator, Arokia Victo Prince, talked about the importance of Videos in social media and on how to create video content that sells as well as on how to promote them. The second half of the event was an interactive Q&A session along with a networking session where people shared their experiences with Social Media.


Social Media day in Nashik 2019 Social Media day in Nashik 2019

Organizers: Sumit Bulbule and Sumeet Pawar.

Number of attendees: 20

30th June 2019, the world celebrated Social Media Day, the ninth-annual official global celebration. Nashik was hosting an event on this occasion for the very first time at Beefly Media. The key speakers for the event were Mr. Vanky Kataria and Mr. Pankaj Ghadge The event was hosted by Sumit Bulbule and Sumeet Pawar.

The agenda of the event was to make digital marketing enthusiasts aware of Social Media Influencing and Marketing. Unfortunately, due to heavy rainfall in Nashik, the strength of the audience was less. But still, the event was executed properly. The points discussed on that day are as follows:
1. Importance of Social Media
2. Importance of LinkedIn
3. How you can be a LinkedIn Influencer
4. Collaborations
5. The current need of the City.


CONCLUSION: Social Media Day 2019 was a successful event in many ways – Get-together, Knowledge-sharing, Networking & Celebrations. It was a DAY fully dedicated to celebrate the good times plus share and resolve the struggles of Digital Marketers! Only sad point – It only comes once a year. Hope it comes again soon!

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