Social Media Management starts from audit, setting up of channels and sometimes even coming up with brand guidelines for the company. But, it always ends with a social media report. A complete analysis of what went right, what fell short and everything in between. All the efforts of that particular time period are taken into consideration, tracked, analyzed and optimized – going forward.

Between a client and the social media team, one thing should always be clear before the work starts – as to what is expected out of the activities that are going on through the month. Once the goal is set, all the efforts can be aligned to achieve that purpose. When it comes to social media reports, every effort taken by the social media team needs to be mentioned in detail for that time period.

Here are some more benefits of having a social media report in place:

There are several factors that are overlooked at times when creating a report, which also holds significance to be mentioned in these reports. Things like social listening – who mentioned our brand, reviews, and recommendations, check-ins, tagged pictures, etc.

Apart from the metrics and aesthetics of the brand, there are other places as well, where report insights can be helpful:

Right from Hootsuite to Buffer, there are several tools to help generate pre-defined reports for the social media handles. But, every brand according to their needs have a different social media report structure and content requirement. Tailor-made reports are the way to keep a track on the important traffic and insights generated.

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