Is Digital Marketing Career Option after an MBA Program?

Digital marketing after MBA

Do many people ask if digital marketing career after MBA? Are we able to make money after choosing digital marketing as a career option? How many hours do we work for a day? Can I get good payment? Which is the best way to start digital marketing? Whom should I follow? What is the best online course?

These, and other questions are natural, and every digital marketer hears them, at least, a few times a week. The reason is obvious, people are interested in this type of work, but the traditional ways of education make it hard for many to realize that there are decent alternatives to a traditional MBA. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to study. Digital marketing career involves a lot of studying! But you do get to choose what and when you want to study. So, what are the benefits of choosing digital marketing as your career?

Well, I would like to share my experience,

Like all other Indian parents who aspire their child to be an engineer, I too had completed my Bachelors in Engineering and when I was doing a job search, one of my friends suggested Digital Marketing and I began my Digital Marketing Journey as an Intern in one of the organizations in Pune and like many organizations in the market, I did receive any good learning or experience as a byproduct of 3 Months.

After the internship, I was still curious to learn more about Digital Marketing and currently working with leading Market Research Company in Pune.

Still, when things did not go well as per my expectation, then and I decided to open a platform where I can learn, share and implement things “ Indian Digital Club 

Well, these are two different things. For a marketing strategy, digital marketing qualification is inadequate. Digital marketing is a subset of marketing. but MBA helped me in multiple ways :

  • As DM is 100% non-technical course, it can be easily grasped and trained on. You only need it to be creative, understand customers need, what and about the demand, Think out of a box.
  • During MBA days we need to organize or need to take part in different Management events which really taught me in building community, arranging the meetup, even its helpful in building the network.
  • By learning Digital Marketing during your internship program, helped me to understand “start your own particular Company or you can function as the consultant by optimizing online presence of businesses”
  • When you work in digital marketing, there are deadlines. The benefit is, that, except deadlines, there are not many requirements on how you actually have to do your job. It can be hard if you are a messy and unorganized person. But, if you do consider yourself responsible and organized, you will discover the great freedom that a regular job just can’t provide
  • Understand your MBA marketing program as mini digital marketing program where you to understand basic things in MARKETING
  • Being background of Marketing then surely it will help ME in identifying & targeting the right audience. it helps me to understand marketing terms easily.


You are very likely to reach greatness with digital marketing. Just as any other field in life, it is not easy at the beginning, but when compared to 2+ years MBA studies, at the end of which you will find yourself working almost for free in order to ‘gain experience’, digital marketing career is a paradise


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