Digi Talk

Digi Talk

Digital Marketing Industry is continuously growing and so is the Indian Digital Club community. Every day new people are joining the community and expect to learn something new, something fruitful.

Although there are always some discussions on the latest trends, in some case studies or some updates are happening in the community. Still, there is a scope of getting the experts or industry leader sharing their expertise in the community from all over the country.

Digi Talk is one more initiative by Indian Digital Club in this direction to bring people together by deleting the physical boundaries. Where industry experts from the digital marketing industry are invited in the community to share their expertise.

A person becomes an expert, when not only he achieves the desired results, but when he learns from his mistakes and rectifies it in the future.

It becomes an experience, which can be very useful for the newcomers to understand the Do’s & Don’ts of Digital marketing.


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