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The digital marketing industry is growing like anything. In India, especially Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Mumbai are considered as industry leaders. The digital marketing professionals, freelancers etc. participate in some regular meetups or events in these cities. They meet, discuss, share their knowledge and the current trends, tips and tricks etc. It helps them in increasing their expertise and growing the professional network and connections. These events and meeting concepts are lacking in Pune. Because of this one reason, the digital marketing industry here is not growing with the expected growth rate. There are only big players in the market, and still a lot of potential for small, medium agencies or freelancers.

Indian Digital Club was founded with this goal, that there should be a platform in Pune, where people can come and discuss together. Where they can share the real practical knowledge and experience they have gained and learn as well as grow together. Digi-meet up is just a small initiative by Indian Digital Club in that same direction, to bring together all the digital marketers and aspiring digital marketers on a single platform. Where, they can come and meet, share and learn and finally earn and grow professionally.

In today’s dynamic business environment, networking is as important as learning new things in our career or getting some hands-on experience with some new tools. It helps us to understand our strength and weakness in comparison to the people established in the industry.

8th Digital Marketing meetup Pune | Indian Digital Club – Pratik Sinh Chudasma

8th September 2018 was one of the most active, energetic and fully occupied days for Indian Digital Club. The first ...
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7th Digital Marketing meetup Pune | Indian Digital Club -Manmeet Pal Singh

Digital Marketing is a huge industry. It consists of so many things, people can earn money with. One aspect of ...
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6th Digital Marketing Meetup Pune | Indian Digital Club – Saurabh Choudhary

The success of all these 5 Meetups by Indian Digital Club have created a buzz in the Digital Marketing Industry ...
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5Th Digital Marketing Meetup Mumbai | Indian Digital Club-Hitesh Motwani

After the Successful Nashik Meet up, we decided to conduct the next meet up in the financial capital of our ...
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4Th Digital Marketing Meetup Nashik | Indian Digital Club

The success of all the previous meet up created a buzz in the Digital Marketing Industry and people were inviting ...
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3rd Digital Marketing Meetup Pune | Indian Digital Club

After 2nd successful DigiMeetUps, it was clear from the feedback that people were happy and eager to be a part ...
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2nd Digital Marketing Meetup In Pune | Indian Digital Club- Kunal Bajaj

With the Success of 1st Digimeetup and the enthusiastic response from the community members, I was determined to do more ...
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1st Digital Marketing Meetup In Pune | Indian Digital Club

When I started my career in Digital Marketing Industry, I faced a lot of problems like finding right mentor, right ...
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