Every individual at an initial stage gets puzzled for beginning their career in Digital Marketing and due to which they fall in doing highly paid, non-qualified courses and then stuck in searching for a job.

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Hence, to give gear for starting your journey in Digital Marketing. Step ahead by doing a basic audit of the website. Choose a trendy niche people are diving more in and start with the audit of those website selling a similar product/service. Once you get ahead in the success of auditing the website it will be easier for you to run for the projects. As you get the basic learning from multiple sources like articles, youtube and etc which proportionally moves you to explore the experience in projects.

One thing I would definitely like to advise for taking a decision of career is before you decide on a career in digital marketing.

Do know your own passion and love what you do!

Because deciding a career doesn’t make a person successful but the passion of doing what you love does it and that is your real strength.

Well, answering your question would also answer all those questions, to which I come across every day which people keep asking me.

Some asked, which institute is best for Digital Marketing? Should I proceed ahead in completing a course of Digital Marketing? Which city I should prefer as good for learning Digital Marketing? I am a fresher in Digital Marketing, from where should I start my career in digital marketing? Is it possible to begin my career in Digital Marketing at the age of 30 or 34?

To answer all the above question is only one.

Start from where you are!!!

There is none of the Digital Marketing Institute in any city or state that can make you an expert.

Neither there is a full proof course which will give you complete knowledge because Digital Marketing is all about maintaining the balance of two folds side.

One by being experienced with the consistency of following failure, success, execution and other of expertising the updated invented term to execute smartly for giving a successful curve rather than being certified from a re-known institute.

You are every day a fresher until you have not turned your idea in actionable steps to implement for at least an assumption of success.

Coming to the personal life and experiences and the learned moral from humans of this earth.

There is no age who decides your late! It is all about your love and being passionate about doing it.

Sharing a quick intro about my journey, at the age of 24 same as common person human thought, of being seen to be interested in the belief of 100% return and a bright future in Digital Marketing.

I completed adapted my mind to begin my journey in Digital Marketing and in the year 2015 got an opportunity of internship in one of the well known Digital Marketing firm and same as many my journey of 3 months in that digital marketing firm didn’t give a right hand fold to my knowledge nor an expertise to failure.

However, to quench my thirst in Digital Marketing, that internship couldn’t breathe for a longer time. Steadily I started my journey with patience and hard work and expertise myself in Social Media and today it’s been 3 years successfully continuing my path of Digital Marketing as a Social Media expert.

Through this journey, I learned the protocols of Life and one of them is – Don’t let others write the rule of your life and Loyalty!

In following the perseverance and being persistent, I soon came up with the idea of building my own community at a worldwide spread platform Facebook which is today spread all over India and named as Indian Digital club. A community which is influenced to share knowledge, learn and share new ideas every day by being helped or help someone to get started or achieve the right path of success.

Do share me your view and questions. Would love to answer them 🙂

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If you think about a career on the prospect of money you may pitfall but if you think about your passion into a career that will make you run long!!!

There is no either way of succeeding in your career until you don’t follow your passion. Because passion is the only one methodology that drives you to love and enjoy your work. If you don’t enjoy your work then it’s not about dreams coming true, it is about desires making true.

Do what you love don’t love what you do!!!

So, before you decide your career in Digital marketing, expect an honest answer from your own self What do you love doing?

Following several Meetup, Networking experiences, I’m now confident about which skills are necessary for a digital marketing career in 2019. Here are those skills.

1] Passion

Our “Will” is the most important asset of we human being. Your “will” is gonna always pull you towards your love. Just like, Sachin Tendulkar would not be a great cricketer if his will would be stuck in singing and Respected Lata Mangeshkar would not be a legend singer if she would love playing cricket. In this 21st century, the market is very competitive in most of all aspects of the field. Digital Marketing field is the fastest growing industry. In today’s era, digital marketing companies find easier to differentiate the willingness of person for giving their company a growth hacking idea.

Now you caught right about the beginning of understanding for choosing the path of your career.

So, have you asked yourself, do you really have the passion to make your career in Digital Marketing?

2] Internet

As you step-in in Digital Marketing, you might have concluded that what’s the first most requirement in Digital Marketing and its nothing more important than the Internet. The basic need in today’s trend with food, shelter, cloth, and the Internet. However, the Internet has not been till now in India in many cities as the inclusion in basic necessity. In most of the cities poverty is still arriving and in such cities getting a stomach full of food is more enough than even electricity.

We all metro cities species are widely addicted to the internet. Due to which we have a strong online behavior. Although, the same situation is not in every state and every city of India. The people who are internet lover still don’t know how to make the right use of it.

Digital Marketing is the medicine that cures the problem of money. There is no age for starting your career in Digital Marketing. Through the internet one can gain abundant knowledge and get handy to the important stuff and begin with the implementation of beginning the career in Digital Marketing.

Handling some of the platforms in social media is easier to manage even through mobile in Digital Marketing. Hence, following fancy like having a good branded laptop is not necessary. You can continue with any laptop with the good speed of the connected internet.

3] Stay Updated 

The very second point beginning your career in Digital Marketing is ‘Stay updated”. Digital Marketing is an everyday changing industry. The more you keep updating your knowledge the more you are on your way towards success. Give you to do list a right tick ensuring to read the top influencer on your chosen subject. The more you are researching for knocking the door of updated stuff, the more you are banging with the new learning in Digital Marketing.

4] Logical Thinking-

Digital Marketing doesn’t have much-changing nature but it has an updating behavior. New Ideas drive to make out of the box strategy which indirectly makes you unique in your thought. There is nothing that will make the journey difficult until you think logical with common sense. Don’t turn for a long thought of fold just strive with logical thinking by using common sense that will drive you to get creative and new ideas in your project.

In Digital Marketing it is not about what people will think it is about how you start doing it.

       A Digital Marketer is more a solution provider than a problem describer!!!

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  1. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you. You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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