4 utmost ways to Building a personal brand and selling oneself


You might be posting a text status on Facebook, updating your restaurant food story on Instagram or just snapping it with your daughter with a snoopy filter on Snapchat. If you’re doing any of these activities on a regular basis, this will be some way to create an image of your personality and will define your brand. While LinkedIn is the most preferred platform while developing and showcasing your professional achievements and ideology, it’s one of the most sought-after platforms for shaping and analyzing the personal brand.

Let’s discuss more of personal branding and your social selling here:

What is personal branding?

Is it branding of a particular company or product or service at the personal level? Is it about advocating a product or a service? No. If these are your thoughts on personal branding, then we should learn it.

Personal Branding refers to the branding of an individual, promoting and establishing oneself on both online and offline. You as a brand will be unique with a specific skill set, thought leadership, and your experiences. To activate and build your brand, you need to define your objectives first. What impression you want or where you want to market yourself or what type of networking you look for. Your brand will help you to drive positive ROI may be in getting a client onboard or amplifying any marketing campaign or your organization. To make it simple, personal branding creates an impression and personality of an individual in the minds of others.

It’s not just about social selling but also about amplifying your visibility in front of others, be it clients or peers.

Here are the four reasons why you must need to work on building your own personal brand:

1] Opportunities chase you

Once you start working towards building your individual brand, social channels help you in increasing your visibility based on your thought leadership and your online activities. This uplifted visibility help the recruiters to connect with you if you’re at the candidate’s place. And since you started walking on the road of being a macro influencer, people will also like to connect with you and aspire to work with you or your company.

2] Grow your network

As said, personal branding is about marketing oneself and establishing a promising impression. Your branding defines your social power and the more its impact, the better it is. It is because people from your industry and also from other ones will try to connect with you due to your persona, and your thought leadership and would like to explore business opportunities with your support. This networking will not only give your professional colleagues but will also provide you new friends in your personal life.

3] Boost your business

Building a business is no easy task. Even we’re in the digital age and things are available with a smartphone touch, doing business would never be easy. Personal branding assists in building your business and grow it gradually. Your brand, your networking and social index will assist you in this. The people who follow you will be most likely be accepting or agreeing with your thoughts or advocacy towards your business. It aids your efforts in growing your business with positive yields.

4] Build Confidence

The process of developing your brand shows a particular image of yours’ to others. It is crucial for you too to build it with complete authenticity and honesty. Once people find you honest and empathize with your values and thoughts, they started following your path. These credibilities you earn gain you persona confidence for your personal as well as professional life.

In the bottom line, although building your brand is vital in today’s time, keep the golden rule of authenticity and honesty abide to stay ahead of the curve.


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