How to grow organic traffic through content marketing

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – have you considered capitalizing on the holiday with your marketing efforts? Chances are that if you haven’t done so by now, you’re likely thinking that the opportunity has passed you by. Not so fast. There are still many different ways you can include Valentine’s Day in your marketing […]

6 Hottest social media marketing style you can’t overlook in 2018

Change is inevitable and social media is one classic example. While on one hand you wonder on the unavailability of the GIF option on your Instagram or Snapchat story, whereas you look out that fashionable and trendy shoes on facebook marketplace feature. Social media is always refreshing it with newer and latest content, algorithm changes, […]

How to improve google search ranking by keyword placement

If you want traffic from search engines, you know that you need to optimize your page for your target keywords. However, where on the page should you place your keywords? There are 5 places that you can use keywords on your website to signal to Google which pages on your site you want to rank […]

How to turn on targeting for organic Facebook post

Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm has always kept the digital marketer on their toes. Branded and original content is what audiences are demanding, and businesses have to deliver the same on a timely basis to keep their brands visible in the newsfeeds. You must be aware of and be using targeting options while doing your media spends, […]