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Instagram Hashtag Guide [Downloadable]


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, and it is used by many influencers & celebrities. Many business professionals engage and increase their audience by promoting their business on Instagram. There are many ways to gain an organic audience on Instagram, and one of the most effective ones is #Hashtags. In this article, I have dropped an overview of the ultimate Instagram #Hashtag guide, which will help you gain the organic reach of your posts.

A huge pool of followers on social media dictates the scale of success for both individual & business organizations. Nowadays, every company/organization keeps its social media boosted as it benefits their overall company profile and also helps in launching new products. If you are unknown of using Instagram #Hashtags in the right way to gain an audience, then you should definitely switch to the comprehensive Instagram #Hashtag Guide offered by us (Indian Digital Club.)

Instagram Hashtag Guide

Instagram Hashtag Guide comprehensively describes the concept of Hashtags and the right way of using them to gain organic reach. It features some fantastic sections which are not known by most of the regular user. I assure you that going through the guide twice will double your engagements.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word(s) that is preceded by a hash (#) sign on social media. It is used to categorize the content to a particular subject, and so the people can reach it through the specific #hashtag. Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook offer the hashtag facility to their users. For instance, if you want to view content relevant to any community/event/personality, then you can simply search the term/community/event/person name followed by the hash (#) sign on any social platform.

Importance of Hashtags

The hashtag is one of the most effective methods to gain organic reach and eventually increasing followers. I have briefly mentioned some potential reasons to use #hashtags below.

Note: We have discussed#Hashtags comprehensively in the official Instagram Hashtag Guide.


If you are posting unique & relevant content for your audience but not getting a good response, then you are locking your content to existing followers only. You need to reach out to the people with the same interests by using relevant #hashtags and promoting posts in your target audience. This will make your brand/product visible to a large pool of people.

Gaining Social Benefits

Hashtags on Instagram helps a user to engage people with common interests and to people who might react (like, comment or share) your post. It is an effective method to increase comments, likes & followers on a professional profile.

Engage Fresh Audience

Daily, thousands of people sign up for Instagram, and it has about a billion monthly active users from all over the world, and this makes it a potential platform to reach a fresh audience. You should use trending hashtags to engage a fresh and active audience on Instagram.

Great Way Of Promotion

The best use of the hashtag is to promote product/service/brand by setting a specific hashtag and calling your followers to post using the same hashtag. This will not only promote your product/brand but also increase the brand value in the market.

About Instagram Hashtag Guide 

Instagram Hashtag Guide consists of several crucial information that will help the reader to master Instagram Hashtag and increase organic reach. There is a lot to learn about hashtags in the guide, which is surely not common amongst the regular user of Instagram. The Instagram Hashtag Guide comprehensively covers topics like; how to find the right hashtag? & some crucial rules to keep in mind while using hashtags. Apart from these, it also depicts some effective strategies over hashtags. I personally recommend having a look at it as it will certainly improve your Instagram insights and eventually build a strong brand.

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Indian Digital Club constantly shares helpful guides to boost your social marketing campaigns, and this Instagram Hashtag Guide helps to boost your Instagram. I just gave a brief view of the guide, but to have a more comprehensive look, you should check the ultimate Instagram Hashtag Guide. I believe that you are happily satisfied with this content, but if you have any issue regarding the subject, then please comment below, and I will respond to it with a positive reply in no time. Also, share this helpful information to your known who might find this relevant and let them boost their Instagram insights too.

What are your strategies for your social marketing in 2020? Share your experience with the Instagram Hashtag Guide.

6 Steps to Improve Your Social Selling and Lead Generation on LinkedIn

6 Steps to Improve Your Social Selling and Lead Generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social platforms to generate profitable leads and increase conversions.

 It has more than 600M users all around the globe, and out of that, about 300M are monthly active— isn’t that astounding? Well, I am a sure fan of LinkedIn because of the relevancy and unpredictable algorithms.

Today, I am going to share 6 steps to improve your social selling and lead generation on LinkedIn. So if you are struggling to create your presence and generate some hot leads, then you are on the perfect webpage.

I have suffered a lot to reach a good volume audience on LinkedIn, but it is certainly not that easy. Many professionals struggle to get featured on LinkedIn and generate leads.

After spending so many years on LinkedIn, I have gathered some extreme & relevant information to enhance social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn.

Let us not waste anymore of our precious time in the introduction and move further to the main subject. Also, share this piece of useful information with your mates and let them skyrocket their LinkedIn profile.

6 Steps to Improve Your Social Selling and Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not just about being active or consistent. It has a lot more than connecting with people. Experimenting on the internet is the sole way to slay your business online takes a good amount of time & patience. Below are some fantastic tips that will help you boost your social selling and lead generating on LinkedIn for the long-term.

1. Define Your Niche

It is obvious that without educating people about what you are OR what you do— you cannot do any good. Therefore, I recommend defining your niche (market type.) For instance, if you are a company that sells automation software, then you should consistently post around the issues as well as how your software can solve it. Apart from that, your profile should define your niche, and even a dumb person can understand your business just by visiting your LinkedIn profile.

2. Make Relevant Connections

Do not spam all the people working around your niche, but slowly and decently create a true bond with them. Connections are very crucial as they can multiply your reach to an unbelievable level. Be true to your relations and create a positive bond with everyone that has a stake in your business or niche.

3. Quality NOT Quantity (Commenting)

LinkedIn’s algorithm does not provide leverage to quantity in any aspect, and hence, you should be genuine to whatever you do on the platform. I suggest commenting only when you think it’s relevant. Avoid making comments that project your lust for online presence. If you want to improve your social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn, then you should only invest time in relevant commenting or interacting.

4. Offer Value by Creating a Personal Bond

You should not neglect comments/messages of people who genuinely have something relevant to your business. Respond in a personal voice that creates a caring picture of you or your brand. I strongly recommend replying to comments or texting the solution at once. This will help you not only improve your presence but adds value to your public image.

5. Post for Specific Audience

Posting for a small or particular type of audience is a lot more effective than targeting a large mass. You need only to share quality & value posts and also optimize them for LinkedIn.

  1. Start with a catchy headline to your post/article.
  2. Mention target audience— for instance, if the post is for a specific tool, then you can mention TOOL NAME- users or something like that.
  3. Use relevant #hashtags but not too many.

6. Pitch Them Your Stuff

When you have given a good amount of value to the users, it’s time to project your business/idea/strategy/ (other stuff) to the audience. All the previous steps will eventually boost your reach and create a stake in people that later turn into positive leads.

So these were some potential steps to follow in order to boost your social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn.


Online presence is surely a necessary element for every business or profession. If you do not work on your online presence, then you will be losing a lot in the future.

In this article, I have shared 6 steps to improve your social selling and lead generation on LinkedIn. I believe that this useful information helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding LinkedIn lead generation.

But if you have any doubts regarding LinkedIn social selling or lead generation, then comment below. We care for you and will certainly respond to each query with a positive answer.

Which step did you find the most powerful or crucial for lead generation on LinkedIn? Share your experience.

How can I learn digital marketing for free?

Learn Digital Marketing for free
15th Tips Learn Digital Marketing for free

That’s a great question and it prompts me to think about how I learned along the way (and how I could accelerate the journey for others).

In general, I find the best way to learn is by blending Theory and Practice. Read a little, and then put it into action.  That’s stood me in good stead in my digital career.

So, let’s get to it. These are some 15 Tips to learn digital marketing for free: 

  1. Love what you do or do what you love to do
  2. Understand the basic fundamental of Marketing before you jump or start a career in Digital Marketing
  3. Be active on social media sites and start using it in the right ways
  4. Digital marketing is not Rocket science that you will learn in Week, months or years. It is all about your skills, passion for digital marketing.
  5. Start engaging with digital marketers in different Facebook groups, forum so that, you can share your thoughts, idea, experience in Digital space
  6. Download Free EBOOK, PDF, courses.
  7. Attend networking events, webinars, seminars, workshop, conferences
  8. Ask you doubts on Q&A sites- like Quora, or tweet them on Twitter
  9. Start working in a digital marketing agency where you can explore different elements in digital marketing
  10. Register for the newsletter- get daily tips to learn digital marketing
  11. Most importantly listen to digital marketing related Podcasts. Also, this is a great source for people who like to listen and are great listeners. Plus the kind of topics that are taken in various podcasts is very niche.
  12. Stay updated with current trends, start implementing to do it.
  13. Apply for Internship- it does not matter wheater it paid or free… what matters is the experience of Meeting and working with record companies is priceless.
  14. Lean and explore free digital marketing tools.
  15. Start to  implement things – Learn, Apply and Share

Quick Read –

Best of luck!

Know any other tips to learn digital marketing for free? Share them in the comments field!

2020 Free Social Media Holiday Calendar [Downloadable]

Download free social media calendar 2020
Download free social media calendar 2020

Being a digital marketer, I understand the importance of the holiday calendar because they play a vital role in creating future marketing strategies. You probably have studied the first-mover advantage, which depicts the importance of knowing future events and acting first on them. In this article, I have shared the free social media holiday calendar 2020 for you to prepare yourself to use the upcoming holidays and also some other relevant information related to the topic.

Following up with the holiday calendar will help you to increase the brand/product engagement among the target audience. Also, posting on these holidays & sending personalized wishes make the brand consumer-oriented in the heart of the audience, and it will eventually turn your future engagements into real sales. Let us not waste our time in the introduction and move on to the main subject.

2020 Free Social Media Holiday Calendar [Downloadable]

This calendar is counted as a premium list, and so many people charge for it, but we have shared the social media holiday calendar for absolutely free. Also, we have covered the reasons (benefits) to keep up with this calendar in 2020.

What is the 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar?

2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar features the important days of the year, which can be used to prepare & design post-social campaigns and not let go of any opportunity to gain engagements of the target audience. It has all the festive holidays for which you can prepare your content and take advantage of being the first mover at all events. In simple words, a 2020 social media holiday calendar helps you to deliver the content at the right time.

“Holidays are a gift that not only increases your social media engagement, but they’re easy posts to create that fill your followers with positive emotions”

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Benefits of 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar

The overall impact of keeping up with the 2020 social media calendar is enormous as it sends the message to the audience that you are active and do care for their sentiments.

1. Blowing Off Rivals

If you keep up with your future content, then posting on time will be super easy and you will be able to engage more audience than your competitors. Being prepared for future events by using the calendar data is the best instance for first-mover advantage.

2. Keeping up with All Future Calendar Events (Festivals)

Having written data and keeping a check on it will never let you miss anything or lose any opportunity to the competitors. There are many festivals we miss because of our busy schedule, and therefore, this social media holiday calendar is a must-have.

3. Launch Product/Service at the Right Time

If you have future content ready, then you can choose a suitable event/holiday to release (market) your product or service. This is certainly the best strategy to launch new products or services as you will receive way more engagements on holiday than any regular day. Apart from that, this will influence your marketing strategies in a positive direction.

Social media holiday calendar has a lot of benefits, but the data should be used in a smart way because posting content is never enough.

Check out the Important Holidays in the month of January, February, and March

Social Media Holiday Calendar 2020


Check out the Important Holidays in the month of April, May, and June 


Check out the Important Holidays in the month of  July August and September

2020 Free Social Media Holiday -IDC

Check out the Important Holidays in the month of October November and December

2020 Free Social Media Holiday -Indian Digital Club


Social media marketing is not just making content and posting on social media platforms, and it is a lot more than that. You need to plan and analyze the market you are targeting and prepare content according to that. Besides, posting at the right time also affects your engagement. In this article, I share the free social media holiday calendar 2020 and the benefits of keeping with it. I believe that this comprehensive article helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the social media holiday calendar of 2020. But if you have any issue or doubt regarding the topic or anything that we forgot to mention, then please make a comment below, and I or someone from our team will certainly respond to it with a positive reply in no time. Also, share this helpful information with people who belong to the same growing community— Digital Marketing.

Have a holiday to add? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!

“Enter your information in the form below to get your free copy of the Social Media Holidays and Festivals calendar 2020 “

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How to Transform Your Digital Marketing Career in 2020?

Digital Marketing Career in India 2020

In the past decade, there is a massive positive change in our digital technology and influenced by that many other things got changed. The buy/sell market has gained absolute control over the internet, and people are now opting for digital marketing over offline means of marketing/advertising. In this article, I have discussed some relevant & helpful points regarding digital marketing in order to make a career in digital marketing in India 2020.

I assure you that you won’t regret going through this comprehensive article because the points mentioned are completely relevant and will help you for the next whole decade. Let us not waste anymore of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject.

How to Transform Your Digital Marketing Career in 2020?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products/services over the internet (digitally), but it is not easy as the definition depicts. Many people refer to it as an easy way to make money, but they realize their foolishness as soon as they practically do it. I have discussed a few points— to focus on & learn from, to accelerate your growth in Digital Marketing.

1. Say No to Online Courses/Certification

Some institutions and individuals are selling online digital marketing courses with certifications, but please clear your head because only a dumb client will hire you on the basis of some certificate. Without practice, you will never be able to learn the core of digital marketing.

2. Perform in a Dynamic Environment

It is the right time to switch from those old dead strategies to new technology as the environment has gone through a massive change. No matter digital or offline, both marketing structures are performed in a dynamic environment that undergoes widespread changes. You need to drop the digital marketing techniques you learned in 2015 and move forward with new strategies. Adapting to the changing environment is very crucial to make a career in digital marketing in 2020.

3. A Certain Death to an Artist Is Overconfidence

If you think you know everything, and no update of Google algorithm can affect you, then your career in digital marketing 2020 will end soon. To be the best in digital marketing, you need to have the “learning for life” attitude. Learning new strategies & techniques is the key to grow in digital marketing.

4.Learn & Develop New Skills to Increase Sales

Learn new skills that can help you turn your reach into profitable conversions. Do not forget the sole reason for marketing that is turning reach into sales. Develop high-income skills like copywriting to turn your audience into customers.

5. Branding Is Not Enough

Gone are the days when branding & marketing were misunderstood as the same. Marketing is not just about putting a cool name & design to a brand/product but about reaching to the target audience and stimulating them to have a positive impact on the brand/product.

6. Are No God of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a wide subject, and learning or performing every aspect of it is not possible for a single person. To master digital marketing, you need to hire people for different tasks because you cannot perform it all by yourself. So don’t waste time to learn it all because learning is a sure waste if not executed somewhere for which you do have time.

Quick Read –

7. Research Deeply while Buying a Domain

For instance, you are picking a domain for a new project or even for a client, and then make sure that you dig deep enough to find its true worth. There are various tools like AHREF & Semrush to check expired domain ratings. Recently released, Chuck Duck is an exceptional tool to evaluate expired domains.

8. Make Yourself a Doer

Working on a project which is paying you less is a lot better than planning for a future project that will pay more. Do not get me wrong as I am not degrading the planning process but promoting the doer attitude. I worked for free on around 22 projects, just to learn new things. So if you are not taking projects because everyone is paying less, then you are definitely going down in your career.

9. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I have seen many people reaching a certain position in their digital marketing career and just living in their zone without performing extra. If you are satisfied with whatever you are earning right now, then don’t expect to grow anymore because as soon as you fall the comfort of success, your growth dies.

10. Don’t Wait for Others to Push You Do Extra

Do not wait for your client or mentor to push you to do extra or put extra effort into work. The hunger to do more is important in digital marketing because pushing to do extra will help you learn new aspects of work.

11. Let Technology Work for You

Save your time for something more valuable by delegating the less valuable time to others or technology. There are so many things like automation APIs & bots, which work for you 24×7. Some people have already started building automation sites that post deals regularly. Now get some inspiration from the first-movers and save your time.

12. Change Mentors

I do not say that the experience of your old mentor is 0 or worthless but be independent and learn from the people who are constantly digging for knowledge and learning. Digital Marketing is not a book that you can read and become an expert. You need to practice hard to learn & grow in it.

Quick Read –

13. Make Connections

Connection with people having the same interest is awesome as you always learn something new from each other. Joining marketing groups & participating in forums will increase your ground knowledge about digital marketing.

14. Stop Getting Overwhelmed

People get overwhelmed easily on what people say or spread because nobody actually knows anything as much as you think they do. So stop getting overwhelmed and constantly improve your work efficiency & skills.

15. Show OFF = Turn OFF

It is always great helping someone with work or knowledge, but racing towards nothing and showing off that you acquire more knowledge than anyone else is negative for your career. This type of attitude gives rise to overconfidence, and you will lose your focus from things that worth everything.

16. Learner & Doers Win the Race

The common thing in every work is to keep learning & doing things in the right direction. Believe in yourself that constantly working and not getting results is not wasting time, but learning where not to waste time. Do not judge results in a month or even a year because every genuine work takes time & hard work.


Digital Marketing has employed so many people, and the rate of employment is increasing rapidly. Earning good and satisfying the clients should not stop you from opting for the new techniques and strategies. The things you learned in 2015 won’t work for you in 2020, and so everyone who seeks improvement in their career needs to adopt new techniques. Today, I have shared some helpful points to improve & create a career in digital marketing in India in 2020. I believe that this comprehensive piece of information helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject. But if you have any doubt or query related or relevant to the subject, then please comment below, and I will surely respond to it with a positive & helpful reply. Also, share this article with your friends who might find this helpful and let them know what to change in 2020.

How effective or helpful this article was for you? Share your marketing strategies for 2020.

Ways To Build a Brand For Yourself In this Digital Clutter

Ways To Build a Brand For Yourself In this Digital Clutter

Here’s an uncomfortable truth:

Even if you know every social media platform’s latest algorithms, excellent content creation like high paced videos, eccentric visuals, and captivating blogs; there is a very good chance that you might lose out on building a brand for yourself.

Building a brand requires creating awareness, getting the interest of your target audience and then building a trust-factor to your brand. Just getting attention won’t help your case, you also need some action from their part as an ROI to your social media efforts.

Here are some ways to build a brand for yourself in the midst of all this digital clutter of your competitors:

  • Make a name in your niche

When you make a brand around something that already excites you, your brand also shines and reflect your positive energy. To become a thought leader in a field, you need to have expertise. Hence, choose a field to build your brand, which you are deeply passionate about.

  • Create a strategy and execute

Although it sounds easy and fun to post something on the go, it is better to have a content calendar in place. Having a prior plan in place for what to post when – can make life easier for you. This will also help you map out the journey for your post like what call to action to be given to every post.

  • Get to know your audience

It’s not rocket science to know that you can create better content if you know who your ideal customers are. The more in-depth you know where your clients are, what do they do, where they hang out etc., the better you can make your content more effective to them.

  • Give your brand a human touch

Behind the scenes photos, pictures of your team at work or even pets in your office; these content ideas give your brand a relatable factor. People love to know about other people’s experiences and that should be leveraged by the brand to raise their own presence through your employees.

  • Be a master of your niche

Instead of being a ‘Jack of all trades & master of none’, it’s better to be the leader of your own field. Being the go-to brand for a particular purpose is the ultimate win for any brand. It takes a lot of effort and consistent trust-building performances to get there.

  • Have a trump card

People are leveraging LinkedIn lately to sell their services or generate leads. But LinkedIn has been around for more than a decade and the early adopters of the platform have already made a ton of profit by using this network as their trump card. Every brand should have the one secret sauce that makes them stand out from their competitors.

  • Leverage the Influencers

Build a relationship with other leaders and influencers of your community. Share their content with their permission, if you think it will bring value to your audience. It also helps you out to make a connection with these people. Even give a shout out to someone who’s pushing valuable information in your niche.

  • Use paid ads to your advantage

With the current algorithms favoring sponsored posts more than the organic ones, you must know which content to promote. If you build content that can be very valuable to your community, boosting it with a certain budget can be a good option. You can reach out to the newer audience and let them know about your brand in the process.

  • Retarget your audience

Once you have set up a community of followers you need to keep making them come back to your platform for more. When you constantly provide value to people, it makes it easier for you to make a sale or sell your service, when you come out with one. The trust factor plays an important role here.

  • Track and optimize your data

Leverage your data to make smart decisions. While others are focussing on looking good, you should look into how you can perform better along with keeping your aesthetics in check. Right from the latest trends to the best practices in social media, you and your team need to be constantly listening & have an update about it.

  • Invest in a hero content

Write a long blog, a podcast or an informative webinar and start breaking it down for micro-content – time and again. The call to action on posting out these micro contents can be pushing the traffic to the hero content. Even though it seems time-consuming to make such a descriptive form of information, it can yield benefits for a very long time.

Set up high ended goals, putting a strategy in place, executing the tactics and hitting these goals is just one part of digital marketing. The actual success of a brand can be defined by the number of people – your brand inspires to take an action or inspires them to do something for themselves and in the process, you.

What is the impact of social media on youth?

Social Media impact on youth

When was the last time you kept a count of how many hours you were devoting to your phone, specifically social media? You’d be shocked to know that according to statistics and studies, an average person spends approximately 2 hours a day on social media. Knowingly or not, we have successfully made quite a place for social media usage in our precious 24 hours.

A survey report published on Socialmediachimps depicts the impact of social media to an even deeper extent. It says:

  • 5 million Facebook users are aged under 10.
  • 58% of the Facebook users among children are from the age group 13-17.
  • 50% of teens login to their FB account at least once in a day.
  • Girls aged 16-17 years are most prone to cyberbullying attacks.
  • 10% of teens have had their embarrassing photos being posted on social media sites without permission.
  • On the brighter side, social media promotes collaboration, creativity, communication, technological proficiency, and leadership qualities.

While time is yet another factor for all of us to have mixed feelings about social media, we can also agree that there are pros and cons to everything in life and the way social media impacts the youth of this country (and the world) could be something worth thinking over.

Talking about the advantages first which are ample,


Be it catching up with our current friends through Facebook or making new ones with similar interests on Instagram, social media has turned this entire world into a global village. We can talk to our loved ones or complete strangers while being in the comfort of our own homes with just a click. The internet is the cheapest and fastest access to the entire world, available to the entire world. Gone are the days when keeping in touch meant waiting weeks for a letter to arrive.

Now one can easily send a DM to their friends and get a reply back in seconds. One can also trace back their old friends by simply typing out their name and the common ground like the school they went to. Do you like poetry? Find poetry readings and poet groups in your city in seconds through social media. Wherever your heart lies, there’s always something on social media you can pursue. This helps not only in building connections but also gives access to everyone to share ideas and have conversations about things which spikes their interests.


The most beneficial impact social media has on our youth is that it has a gazillion opportunities for us under its umbrella! Earlier in the day, we didn’t have any source or a safe space around to explore our talents, gather knowledge, but now the world is our oyster! Today we can not only explore but also discover our talents through social media. No matter if it’s fashion, comedy, marketing, writing, poetry or photography which raises your adrenaline, there is a platform for you where you can showcase your talent and reach uncountable numbers. And with social media being a global market, you have perspectives and ideas from around the world which not only raises inclusivity but also gives a diverse lens to look at everything around. Also, with corporates using a social network for advertising their products, new job openings for ‘social media manager’ and ‘social media marketing’ are open for all. The exposure is limitless, you just need to click!


In today’s world, almost all of us get our news through social media. The reason for it is that breaking news spreads like wildfire across all social media! Every celebrity or any famous personality today prefer to make all the announcements on either Instagram or Twitter or both! Social media also keeps you updated with things going all around the world, not just your area!

Not just breaking news, social media helps us to know about diseases we never even knew existed before. From signing petitions online for climate control to donating for management, social media has truly made it possible for the common people to join hands in large numbers to speak up and with only a few clicks! Trending hashtags, no matter how unnecessary they look at first, has been known to work for raising awareness and reaching masses.

And so it’s hard to ignore the disadvantages of social media:


If the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up checks Instagram, then you’re not alone. Social media is the primary reason for decreasing productivity at work and grades in school. Many of us, if working on something really important prefer to switch our phones off to focus better. Reason being, the notifications popping up of various social media platforms are a major distraction! Society today is full of people who would much rather send a snap on Snapchat to their friends than meeting and having actual conversations. Spending hours and hours on their phones, staring at the screen is preferred over spending time with your loved ones who are there in the same room! We, humans, are social beings who seek validation and attention at all times which social media provides us well. And it’s really to tell when the fondness grows and cross the line to becoming an addiction. But when the said need for validation starts to hinder our primary work and goals, then know that it’s time to take a break.


Internet is a dark place, where more and more youngsters are getting trapped every single day. Increment in cybercrimes every year is worrisome. Hacking, identity theft, scams are just the beginning. You wouldn’t even notice how your social media account will turn into a complete handbook for criminals to rob, stalk, assault you with the help of all the information about your whereabouts which your account holds. Social networking also allows hate groups to form and recruit while spreading hate and propaganda around online! Most youngsters put themselves at risk because of improper use of social media, sharing too much information with strangers, posting pictures of everything around them, etc contributes to lack of privacy.

Cyberbullying or Online harassment as some people call it, is also one of the major concerns around the world. It basically means using digital media to spread hostile information about another person without their consent. It leads to embarrassment, more bullying, and sometimes the person could be affected psychologically leading to anxiety, isolation and in extreme cases, suicide.


When you pick up your phone to answer the text or to casually scroll through Facebook for a minute, do you realize when that minute turns into 45? The various social media which we use everyday has been designed in such a way that we just can’t keep our distance because something interesting is always on our feeds which catches our eyes. We can’t help but keep up with the latest trends and so we scroll away, not realizing how that is affecting our productivity. Of Course, it’s important to keep in touch and chatting with a friend for sometime or reading a few answers on Quora is completely okay. But you know that you will not get that work done before the deadline if you keep taking “social media breaks” every few minutes. Procrastinating and wasting minutes on your screen will only make you end up refreshing your Instagram feed again.

So, is it worth it? The impact social media has on youth is immense- positive and negative! But it’s important to understand that while

Why not use a free hosting service?

Why not use a free hosting service?
Why not use a free hosting service?

The advancement within the IT technology has enabled us to urge our
own web site revealed, that too, freed from price.

The arrival of the free net hosting services and web site builder has enabled us to style a
brand-new web site at intervals of a really short period of time.

As a result, the free net hosting plans appear to be extremely engaging and a
really sleek choice to publish websites.

However, its own execs and cons that don’t seem to be clearly visible within the engaging advertisements. Before analysing the deserves and demerits of free net hosting, let’s have a fast look over what the free net hosting extremely means.

What Is Free Web Hosting Service?

The free internet hosting, as delineated by its name, is that the internet hosting services area unit offered freed from value to any or all.

In this, the virtual server, running its own copy of OS and internet Hosting software package (commonly called VPS), is assigned to the web site on the server connecting the VPNs to the general public networks just like the net, with restricted information measure and restricted range of email accounts.

The VPNs are unit of Virtual personal Networks that are characterized by the extension of native personal networks over the net. VPN servers host multiple websites all at once in one physical-storage host, assigned virtual IP address and accessed by sub-domain name, that too, freed from value.

However, the online hosting services earn cash from the hosted web site by inserting ads thereon. For instance, you need to have seen the web ads on the face panel of the web site, or the annoying banner taking drugs on the free hosted websites.

So, Is It extremely That useful to elect the Free internet Hosting Plans?

Why not use a free hosting service
Why not use a free hosting service


The only advantage of such hosting service is their price effectiveness. They’re fully freed from price and need not any paid subscription.

However, the precise arrangement and policy could vary from one hosting service supplier to a different.

The web site owner gets the free area on the server, free sub-domain name for accessing a web site and world reach over the planet Wide internet.

In reality, this advantage is roofed by several alternative demerits of free hosting services that don’t create it appropriate for business functions. you’ll explore the simplest free hosting sites for elaborated data and reviews.


The free internet hosting plans square measure packed with multiple disadvantages for those that wish to host their web site for industrial functions. Here square measure some major demerits of such free internet hosting plans.


Obviously, the industrial web site homeowners wouldn’t prefer to place any ads on their web site apart from their own. In such cases, obtaining the free hosting arrange won’t work all. As an example, imagine the web site of the famed LG whole showing the ads at no cost message or online tutorial categories. Obviously, it’ll rupture the whole recognition within the digital market.

No Main Domain

The free hosting plans don’t give the separate name. Instead, they solely provide the subdomain upon their own name. As an example, you may have seen several personal blogs with the address within the format – mywebsite.wordpress.com, or mywebsite.blogspot.com. But those that wish their own main name should get the paid hosting services.

Customer Support

There’s no client support if you get technically stuck on installation or there’s a desire for tutorial or steerage. If you’re unaccustomed hosting and don’t have abundant time to spare in setting things right, then you ought to select paid hosting services.

Limited information measure And Speed

Last, however not least, the free hosting services have restricted information measure and knowledge transfer speed.

The information measure will be seen because the range of tourists allowed on your web site per month.

If the limit exceeds, the web site hosting is halted by the servers, forcing you to shop for the paid internet hosting plans for extended information measure and knowledge transfer rate.

Now that you know the difference, let’s check out if free hosting is there for you or not!
If an online host offers unlimited options kind of like paid plans while not on the face of it requesting something reciprocally, be suspicious. Remember, running a hosting company prices a great deal of cash.

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Ask these questions:
How is that the internet hosting company paying for his or her upkeep?
Do they need different sources of revenue?
How long can this company last?
Is my website safe and secure with them?

free web hosting
free web hosting

So, is free internet hosting for you?
Free internet hosting is nice for: people, beginners, learners, testers, or those that don’t need to conceive to semi-permanent contracts.

Get it if…
You’re an entrant to self-hosting, and you wish to explore this selection 1st while not distributing any cash. Note that several internet hosting corporations supply trial periods that you just will make the most of.
You lack money however would love to urge started at once together with your web site project. However, you need to be ready to simply accept the risks that accompany free hosting.
You’re okay with frequent downtimes and problem-solving things out on your own as a result of slow or lacking client support.

Free hosting isn’t for you if…

You expect quick and quality client support.
You have a low tolerance for downtimes, server crashes, ads, limits on your account, etc.
You need heaps of options. Think about sign language up for pretty much free, low-cost internet hosting instead. you’ll be able to conjointly use coupons to urge discounts.
You plan to make an enormous website with uncountable traffic.
You need to scale quickly. Free hosting is certainly not for you. Why not attempt cloud hosting?
You are a profitable business. (Don’t be a cheapskate!)

Ever thought Why do internet hosting firms provide free internet hosting?

Ever thought Why do internet hosting firms provide free internet hosting?
Ever thought Why do internet hosting firms provide free internet hosting?

Hosting consumes loads of resources, not simply net information measure, space on pc servers, or electricity.

Getting and maintaining hardware, paying for maintenance and support workers’ wages, leasing or building physical workplace house, and paying for alternative overhead will be terribly costly.
Free internet hosting is also at no value to you, the user, except for the corporate providing it, its prices loads. Internet hosting suppliers are businesses that expect to profit.

Therefore, you ought to wonder: “Why would any company give hosting for free?

Here are a number of reasons


To induce customers to register, some hosts would provide a free tier and anon upsell a paid set up or a connected product (for example, domains, email).

Paid/Premium service

The paid/premium service is what affords the business to supply free service, and that they expect some of their free customers to upgrade to their paid hosting plans or alternative paid product anon.

This is often true even for hosts that supply free hosting to start-ups or tiny businesses; they expect that because the business grows, therefore can want for additional hosting resources.

It’s ad-supported

Revenue from advertising, that may well be within the sort of banner ads or affiliate links, purchase the bills. Therefore, expect ads if you register. Note that some free internet hosts don’t place ads; but they’ll produce other ways of recouping their expenses, therefore be careful about the fine print in your terms of use.

It’s for testing

Some internet hosts could provide a part of their services for gratis to check a feature or their overall service.

It’s a business strategy

To distinguish between the free and therefore the paid service, generally, these firms produce one by one branded “sister sites,” generally they operate as completely different firms.

However, typically it’s simply a similar of us and machinery operative behind the scenes.

Understanding these reasons will assist you to set the proper expectations concerning this sort of hosting.

It might be impractical, as an example, to expect that you’ll get answers to support emails directly, or that they’ll have a support hotline they might not have the resources to rent further support workers.
On the complete, there are a unit several demerits of free internet hosting plans as compared to it deserves.

If you’re a blogger or trying to launch a private web site, you’ll pick a free hosting set up.

But it’ll not be Associate in Nursing choice for people who launch their industrial websites or blogs with the precise aim like earning cash, building whole recognition, lead generation, promotion and then on. In such cases, you would like to settle on the paid internet hosting plans as per the wants.

It’s all a lot of necessary to grasp the way to choose the right internet hosting. Sensible hosting is one in all the SEO parameters for online success.

If you’re a little business and wish to form your web site further, then there is a bundle of choices out there, underneath that you pay very little to the hosting company, which may assist you to build your web site and host it with them further, this will facilitate the tiny business house owners get the simplest of each world.

As a little business owner, one should assess the on top of blessings and downsides of Free internet Hosting before taking the ultimate decision.

Glimpses from Social Media Day Celebrated in India – 30th June 2019

Social Media Day in India

15 Cities| More than 500+ attendee’s |One Goal.

Social Media Day 2019 was a huge success. More than the above statistics, it was the enthusiasm on the face of the Digital Marketers that attended these events; that made it a triumph. It all started with a general doubt – how to make this year’s Social Media Day special? So, posted a poll on Indian Digital Club’s group and three weeks later – the doubt was a reality. Meetups all over India with Digital people doing one thing they hate to do the most in life – come offline and meet people. (Just kidding!)

A little look into the history of how this all started –

Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Indian Digital Club wanted to spread more awareness about the importance of social media. So, we asked our members across India to give India v/s England match a little break and go celebrate our day in pride in their own cities.

Here’s a small brief of how Social Media Day 2019 was celebrated throughout India:


Social Media day in Delhi 2019 Social Media day in Delhi 2019

Organizer: Anuratti Vidyarrthi

Number of attendees: 30+

Started off with the organizers of the event, Anuratti Vidyarrthi welcoming all the participants, speakers and guests to the event. After which Arbab Usmani spoke on Social Media and also on Push and Pull Marketing in Social Media. Our first speaker for the day was Pranav Jha who spoke on Building Customer Relations via Social Media. Then next in line was Abhishek Verma, who shared information about the latest algorithm and solved doubts of the participants related to Instagram and its dynamic algorithms. Our last speaker for the day was Rudrabha Mukherjee who spoke about Automation in Social Media.


Social Media day in Mumbai 2019 Social Media day in Mumbai 2019

Organizer: Ashutosh Pandey, and Mihir Gadhvi

Number of attendees: 36

Economic capital, Mumbai, started off the celebrations for the day with speaker Gopal Iyer sharing his experience on Facebook Remarketing; Digital Pratik shared his experiences on Social media trends & Influencer Marketing, and how content is going to be important in the coming future. Rohan Chaubey shared growth hacking techniques (Coding + Marketing). Youtuber Satish Kushwaha, Venue Illustrake, Host Ashutosh Pandey, and Mihir Gadhvi of Illustrake had been great to support to kick-off this event successfully.


Social Media day in Visakhapatnam 2019 Social Media day in Visakhapatnam 2019

Organizer: P. Vishnu Vardhan & G.Rakesh Chandra

Number of attendees: 33

Kishan Ankani started off by sharing his thoughts on the topic – Social media strategy and overview. Our Second speaker P. Vishnu Vardhan with a topic Social Media Business for Startups where he deals with three major social media platforms which have less awareness – LinkedIn, YouTube & Twitter. Our third Speaker G. Rakesh, who is well known as a Facebook ad player came up with the topic called Unleashing Facebook Ads. He revealed his ads secrets and helped the attendees with their doubts. Students, who attended this event, also got good insights from all three speakers.


Social Media day in Goa 2019 Social Media day in Goa 2019

Organizers: Amey Arsekar, Ankita Nagvekar, and Rachel Borges

Number of attendees: 38

The crowd was a mixture of various businesses, students and influencers. Ankita Nagvekar started with explaining about our group and how it all started. Rachel Borges, covered a session on Instagram marketing tips for businesses, while Amey Arsekar spoke about the future plans of the group. Also, there were success stories shared by brands and influencers like Bina Punjani, House of Blurb, Vrishaka and Kevin. There were games, debates, question and answer sessions and more. Everyone had brilliant ideas and experiences to share. Networking was at its peak!


Social Media day in Surat 2019 Social Media day in Surat 2019

Organizers: Bhautik Sheth

Number of attendees: 140

It was 4th Social Media Marketing Day in Surat. Started in 2016, iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services continued celebrating the day this year again. With more than 170 participants, it is considering to be India’s largest Social Media Day celebration. 3 speakers took the stage on fire with the knowledge sharing sessions. Bhautik Sheth, founder of iVIPANAN conducted a session on “sales conversion through Instagram stories”. Vanitaa Rawat spoke on “Social Media Influencer – No more a celebrity’s game”. Mayur Bardolia conducted a session on “How to make people buy from you on Social Media”. With 3 years long program, everyone had a gala time gaining deep insights from the speakers and networking with each other!


Social Media day in Nagpur 2019 Social Media day in Nagpur 2019

Organizers: Neha Dhakate & Govind Chandak

Number of attendees: 40

Many young students and business owners across Nagpur participated to learn more about Social Media and to celebrate the day. Three speakers conducted the complete event and spoke on different topics of Social Media. Neha Dhakate presented the topic “How to do personal branding via social media?”- All About Your Comfort Zone to Courage Zone, Sukhada Chaudhary presented the topic “How to do leverage social media marketing for small business?”-Get your hands dirty sharing her mantra for marketing and Govind Chandak told the students and attendees about “How to retain your Social Media Marketing Clients?”-Steps to Monitor your client. Overall the event was a huge success and got a great response from attendees.


Social Media day in Indore 2019 Social Media day in Indore 2019

Organizer: Sumit Bhatnagar

Number of attendees: 35+

A Huge Success of Ninth World Social Media Day at Versatile Institute of Digital Marketing. A Proud Moment for our Team to become a part of this Digital Era & Celebrating the most Special Day for Social Media Influencers. Empowerment of entrepreneurship via digital media was the trend of the day and that was people’s opinion of meet-up in Indore as well. More than 30 people attended the event.


Social Media day in Bangalore 2019 Social Media day in Bangalore 2019

Organizer: Sandeep YN & Monishna Preiasmy

Number of attendees: 40

Monisha and Sandeep from Bangalore volunteered to organise the event for the Bangalore chapter. Our community partners are Madam Digital Marketing, The digital club by Digital Deepak and Belong Bengaluru. Speakers for the day were Ms.Manasi, Ms. Kumar, Mr.Sumit Gosh and Saharsh Mittal. Around 40 people turned out for the day.


Social Media day in Patna 2019 Social Media day in Patna 2019

Organizers: Prabhakar Alok

Number of attendees: 35+

We wanted the day to be a mix of information sharing & fun-filled activities. Digital Marketers meet-up rarely happens in Bihar, let alone in Patna. We covered several topics from Digital Marketing such as Affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO Technique, and Social Media Management. The meet-up was addressed by Digital Guru Prabhakar Alok, in which he gave a deep concept of all the topics including a wide array of information of Digital Marketing. After this session, we cut the cake and the fun-filled activities started with lots of games and different activities to make this event interesting and memorable.


Social Media day in Pune 2019 Social Media day in Pune 2019

Organizers: Snehal Chandak & Harshit Gupta

Number of attendees: 70+

Last but definitely not the least – The hub of all the digital marketers – Pune had to step up on our day with the celebrations. We invited some of the best social media & digital marketing thought leaders to share their experience with young aspiring marketers. The idea was to inspire the community through social media influencers from various brands, where they share the latest social media marketing insights. It was a great opportunity to network, connect and engage in meaningful conversations. The event included fun games and quizzes for seamless knowledge sharing, accompanied by delicious refreshments. Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand and that was clearly visible with the success of the event in Pune.


Social Media day in Jaipur 2019 Social Media day in Jaipur 2019

Organizers: Shrey Goswani

Number of attendees: 40

The Pink City of India, Jaipur may be known for its glorious past and exquisitely-built palaces, but it didn’t take away the fact that they don’t lag behind in the current trends in the digital world. Experienced experts and trainers like Balendu Mohan & Akhilesh Trivedi spoke on the subjects like the scope of Digital Marketing & SMM for startups and how entrepreneurs can kickstart their journeys with Digital Marketing. 


Social Media day in Kanpur 2019 Social Media day in Kanpur 2019

Organizers: Sandhya Bhadauria

Number of attendees: 45 

Knowledge knows no bounds and that’s what was proved in Kanpur meetup for Digital Marketers. Speaker session, knowledge sharing, networking and celebration of the day was very well organized. Building a business online and successfully running it was made easier with the sessions here.


Social media day in chennaiSocial media day in chennai

Organizers: Arokia Vimal 

Number of attendees: 28

In Chennai, Social Media Day was celebrated with a mission to spread the awareness of Social Media Marketing to business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring social media marketers. This event was hosted by Digital Vimal, who talked about the benefits of social media and explained how to create a proper social media strategy for scaling a business. Followed by which, Video Content Creator, Arokia Victo Prince, talked about the importance of Videos in social media and on how to create video content that sells as well as on how to promote them. The second half of the event was an interactive Q&A session along with a networking session where people shared their experiences with Social Media.


Social Media day in Nashik 2019 Social Media day in Nashik 2019

Organizers: Sumit Bulbule and Sumeet Pawar.

Number of attendees: 20

30th June 2019, the world celebrated Social Media Day, the ninth-annual official global celebration. Nashik was hosting an event on this occasion for the very first time at Beefly Media. The key speakers for the event were Mr. Vanky Kataria and Mr. Pankaj Ghadge The event was hosted by Sumit Bulbule and Sumeet Pawar.

The agenda of the event was to make digital marketing enthusiasts aware of Social Media Influencing and Marketing. Unfortunately, due to heavy rainfall in Nashik, the strength of the audience was less. But still, the event was executed properly. The points discussed on that day are as follows:
1. Importance of Social Media
2. Importance of LinkedIn
3. How you can be a LinkedIn Influencer
4. Collaborations
5. The current need of the City.


CONCLUSION: Social Media Day 2019 was a successful event in many ways – Get-together, Knowledge-sharing, Networking & Celebrations. It was a DAY fully dedicated to celebrate the good times plus share and resolve the struggles of Digital Marketers! Only sad point – It only comes once a year. Hope it comes again soon!

Free Social Media Monthly Report (Templates)

Free Social Media Monthly Report Template 2019

Social Media Management starts from audit, setting up of channels and sometimes even coming up with brand guidelines for the company. But, it always ends with a social media report. A complete analysis of what went right, what fell short and everything in between. All the efforts of that particular time period are taken into consideration, tracked, analyzed and optimized – going forward.

Between a client and the social media team, one thing should always be clear before the work starts – as to what is expected out of the activities that are going on through the month. Once the goal is set, all the efforts can be aligned to achieve that purpose. When it comes to social media reports, every effort taken by the social media team needs to be mentioned in detail for that time period.

Here are some more benefits of having a social media report in place:

  • Content Creation: Information about what type of creative and captions work can be tracked by looking at the best performing posts of the previous month's report.
  • Scheduling Leverage: Day and time of posts also play a huge role in engagement and growth of an account. Reports can help determine which time brought how much engagement.
  • Metrics Bifurcation: Metrics like share, like, comments can always be an important factor to determine what worked and didn't work in that particular time period. Reach is also one of the metrics that need to be kept an eye on.
  • Lead Generation tracking: Not just the number of leads, but tracking of where they came from can be determined by Lead Generation tracking in reports.

There are several factors that are overlooked at times when creating a report, which also holds significance to be mentioned in these reports. Things like social listening – who mentioned our brand, reviews, and recommendations, check-ins, tagged pictures, etc.

Apart from the metrics and aesthetics of the brand, there are other places as well, where report insights can be helpful:

  • Increase in customer acquisition
  • Offer customer care (queries and complaints reloving)
  • Product/Service promotions
  • Crisis management
  • Campaign performance betterment.

Right from Hootsuite to Buffer, there are several tools to help generate pre-defined reports for the social media handles. But, every brand according to their needs have a different social media report structure and content requirement. Tailor-made reports are the way to keep a track on the important traffic and insights generated.

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