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Today I would like to share an interview with Akshay, the founder of Professional blogger and see what he say about blogging tips for beginners

 Q.1) What inspired you to start blogging? What are your favorite blogs that made you do?

Answer  When I first stumbled across the internet, I used to wonder who creates the content that you find on the web. Later, I came across blogging. The idea of earning money by creating content on what you love sounded unique to me. It aligned with my passion, doing what you love. Hence I started blogging. When I started blogging, I used to refer many of the blogs like QuickSprout, ProBlogger, to mention a few.

Q.2) What are basic skills one required to start his or her career in blogging?

Answer – Blogging is a combination of many skills. To start with good writing skills, basic domain and hosting knowledge is essential. But to grow your blog, search engine, social media, SEO, traffic, and monetization strategies come into play. As digital marketing and blogging are ever-evolving fields, you need to have that constant learning mentality.

Q.3) Why the niche is important in your blogging?

Answer  Without blogging in a niche, you’ll be a generic blogger. People will not follow a generic blogger who is not expert in any field. If you are blogging in a specific niche you’ll be an expert in that niche so people will trust and follow you. And also, when it comes to SEO Google trusts niche blogs, as they typically have expert-written content.

Q.4) What is future of blogging?

Answer Future of blogging is good as the content consumption has been increasing exponentially. The demand for writers is more than ever. One thing to keep an eye on is AI. Create expert written content that requires skills that are truly unique to human beings. Write informative content over factual information, the future of blogging is bright.

Q.5) What are your favorites ways to generate traffic to your blog?

Answer  I mainly drive traffic from Google and it is my favorite source. There are many organic and as well as paid traffic channels. My favorite way is creating a raving audience for your website so that they visit your blog directly without any channels. Other unconventional channels include emails, Quora, Reddit, YouTube videos, soon.

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