6th Digital Marketing Meetup Pune | Indian Digital Club – Saurabh Choudhary

 In Digi Meetup

The success of all these 5 Meetups by Indian Digital Club have created a buzz in the Digital Marketing Industry and we got in touch with a lot of Digital Marketing Trainers.

One such person is, Mr. Saurabh Choudhary, the author of Books Ad Words Ninja & Be Psycho. He is experts in e-commerce & dropshipping, also runs an agency with the name of Digital Eezy.

Very enthusiastically, he accepted our request to be a part of our Meet up, which was held in Baner and around 20 people joined it to discuss anything and everything of Digital Marketing.

The participants were mixed, some were agency owners, some were freelancers and some were working professionals.
We discussed a lot about industry trends, client acquisitions, proposals, service agreements etc.

But the most important aspects of the session was to understand the Brain-based psychological aspects of the consumer and buying behavior. How the subconscious minds trigger the decision-making process and how we should plan our marketing strategy keeping this in our mind.

His energy and the uniqueness of the topic kept the session so interactive, that we couldn’t realize that it stretched for around 7 hours.
After the session ended, we all did some networking and said goodbye to each other with a promise to plan something much bigger next time.

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