LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social platforms to generate profitable leads and increase conversions.

 It has more than 600M users all around the globe, and out of that, about 300M are monthly active— isn’t that astounding? Well, I am a sure fan of LinkedIn because of the relevancy and unpredictable algorithms.

Today, I am going to share 6 steps to improve your social selling and lead generation on LinkedIn. So if you are struggling to create your presence and generate some hot leads, then you are on the perfect webpage.

I have suffered a lot to reach a good volume audience on LinkedIn, but it is certainly not that easy. Many professionals struggle to get featured on LinkedIn and generate leads.

After spending so many years on LinkedIn, I have gathered some extreme & relevant information to enhance social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn.

Let us not waste anymore of our precious time in the introduction and move further to the main subject. Also, share this piece of useful information with your mates and let them skyrocket their LinkedIn profile.

6 Steps to Improve Your Social Selling and Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not just about being active or consistent. It has a lot more than connecting with people. Experimenting on the internet is the sole way to slay your business online takes a good amount of time & patience. Below are some fantastic tips that will help you boost your social selling and lead generating on LinkedIn for the long-term.

1. Define Your Niche

It is obvious that without educating people about what you are OR what you do— you cannot do any good. Therefore, I recommend defining your niche (market type.) For instance, if you are a company that sells automation software, then you should consistently post around the issues as well as how your software can solve it. Apart from that, your profile should define your niche, and even a dumb person can understand your business just by visiting your LinkedIn profile.

2. Make Relevant Connections

Do not spam all the people working around your niche, but slowly and decently create a true bond with them. Connections are very crucial as they can multiply your reach to an unbelievable level. Be true to your relations and create a positive bond with everyone that has a stake in your business or niche.

3. Quality NOT Quantity (Commenting)

LinkedIn’s algorithm does not provide leverage to quantity in any aspect, and hence, you should be genuine to whatever you do on the platform. I suggest commenting only when you think it’s relevant. Avoid making comments that project your lust for online presence. If you want to improve your social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn, then you should only invest time in relevant commenting or interacting.

4. Offer Value by Creating a Personal Bond

You should not neglect comments/messages of people who genuinely have something relevant to your business. Respond in a personal voice that creates a caring picture of you or your brand. I strongly recommend replying to comments or texting the solution at once. This will help you not only improve your presence but adds value to your public image.

5. Post for Specific Audience

Posting for a small or particular type of audience is a lot more effective than targeting a large mass. You need only to share quality & value posts and also optimize them for LinkedIn.

  1. Start with a catchy headline to your post/article.
  2. Mention target audience— for instance, if the post is for a specific tool, then you can mention TOOL NAME- users or something like that.
  3. Use relevant #hashtags but not too many.

6. Pitch Them Your Stuff

When you have given a good amount of value to the users, it’s time to project your business/idea/strategy/ (other stuff) to the audience. All the previous steps will eventually boost your reach and create a stake in people that later turn into positive leads.

So these were some potential steps to follow in order to boost your social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn.


Online presence is surely a necessary element for every business or profession. If you do not work on your online presence, then you will be losing a lot in the future.

In this article, I have shared 6 steps to improve your social selling and lead generation on LinkedIn. I believe that this useful information helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding LinkedIn lead generation.

But if you have any doubts regarding LinkedIn social selling or lead generation, then comment below. We care for you and will certainly respond to each query with a positive answer.

Which step did you find the most powerful or crucial for lead generation on LinkedIn? Share your experience.

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