6 Hottest social media marketing style you can’t overlook in 2018


Change is inevitable and social media is one classic example. While on one hand you wonder on the unavailability of the GIF option on your Instagram or Snapchat story, whereas you look out that fashionable and trendy shoes on facebook marketplace feature. Social media is always refreshing it with newer and latest content, algorithm changes, varied tools and insights for the marketers to aid their social media strategies.

And it’s not only important for the marketers and brands to understand the channels but also benefit the audience at large with more meaningful, relevant and fresh content.

SO, lets peek in more and find out what’s their in store for social media trends in the remaining period of year 2018:

  1.       Do video, do live:

Video is the new mainstream on social media. Multiple reports have been constantly hammering on video content. Thanks to humongous growth and web created by 4G network in India and at global level. As per the Exchange4media.com and Dentsu Aegis Network Digital Report 2018, video is expected to see the highest growth of CAGR 38% and will have a spends share of 22% by 2020.

Almost every social media platforms provide for native videos where you can share your video directly on the channel without any youtube Dailymotion link. Apart from native videos, the future lies in live videos. Brands can engage with their audiences and go live on the occasion of events they’re organizing or they may directly conduct a event, webinar using the live feature.

  1.       Ephemeral Content

If your content basket don’t have a place for Instagram stories or maybe snapchat update, you’re surely losing out to connect a mass chunk of audience, especially millennials and gen z. Those 24 hours time frame could make for flawless content strategy for the brands. It also gives you wide arena to display your creativity, and provide some valuable insight tools. Brands are now creating content for their social channels as well as having a separate strategy for their ephemeral content marketing.

  1.    ChatBots.

Chatbots are the derivatives of marketing automation. Facebook Messenger has been one of the wide;y accepted chatbot that brands have already put their hands on. Chatbots give the brand live 24*7 for the user and assist in better customer experience. It further eases the job of customer support and community managers and help them achieved a efficient performance in Customer experience. They made it big name in the terms of online communication. Messaging Apps are used by 4 Billion users globally and Facebook alone reported that they now see 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook Messenger, offering a whole new platform for marketers to connect with audiences.

  1.       Augmented Reality

While you may think Snapchat face filters are for millennials and gen z, they are going to be much bigger than one can think of. VR stickers, filters, gifs and other communication features will make the content more lively and interactive for both the brands and the audiences. They’re more quick, more entertaining and much easy to convey your content resulting in a better engagement rate.

  1.       Social Media E-commerce       

With better CTAs and more rich media content, it is convenient for marketers and customers both to make a purchase via social media only. As Facebook has created a marketplace feature and there are facebook groups who are selling or encouraging users to buy with the social platform’s help. 56% of online shoppers follow brands on social media to browse product for sale.31% of online consumers use social media specifically to book new products to purchase. And with the constant rise of influencer marketing, social media e-commerce is creating a buzz among the users and the brands as well.

  1.       Mobile Advertising

With increase in smartphone users and high penetration of 4G and internet connectivity, mobile is going to be the first and foremost place the user is likely to search your product or service. Thus, mobile is must for your social media strategy. Mobile optimization is not only important from SEO perspective but one the important pillar for social media. Google, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and other social media sites have already rolled out mobile-oriented formats for both organic and paid media content . It will help brands in creating and delivering content in a more personalized approach. The key now is for mobile marketing to be truly in the right context, appropriate channel, and be genuinely useful and relevant to our customers. Marketers should expect huge investment in mobile marketing. Social media channels revenue is increasing especially in the mobile formats. Brands will more likely experiments with promoted ads, Video ads, and sponsored filters on different platforms to get higher return on investment (ROI).



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