5Th Digital Marketing Meetup Mumbai -Hitesh Motwani

Digital marketing event Hitesh_Motwani

After the Successful Nashik Meet up, we decided to conduct the next meet up in the financial capital of our country, MUMBAI.

We were getting a lot of requests from there to organize the meetups and finally, the time came.

Because of the previous meetups, a lot of people got connected and through this connection, we got in touch with the awesome Digital Marketer, Trainer & the founder of Socialopedia from Mumbai, Mr. Hitesh Motwani.

He accepted our request to be the guest speaker of the day and to talk about Digital Marketing: Latest trends, Tips & Tricks and the Scope of Digital Marketing Career.

The participants were from the mixed background, but they were mostly Agency owners, & Freelancers. So the discussion revolved around business development, client acquisition, client handling, client retention, different pricing models etc.

In the session, Hitesh shared a lot of his personal experiences on these various topics, which were kind of case studies itself. As a marketer, it helped everyone in the betterment of their knowledge as well as skills.

After the Hitesh’s session got over, the participants indulged themselves in some networking session. They shared their skills, the industry they are serving or the industry they want to get into for digital marketing.

We discussed, we joked & laughed, and we learned, made some new friends and parted our way to meet again someday.

Glimpse moment of Digital Marketing Meetup in Mumbai  



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