4Th Digital Marketing Meetup Nashik | Indian Digital Club


The success of all the previous meet up created a buzz in the Digital Marketing Industry and people were inviting us to organize the meetups in different cities, like  Bangalore, Mumbai, Nashik etc.

One such invitation was from Nashik by Mr. Pushkar Salunke, the Founder of Digital Marketing Studio, A digital Marketing training institute.

He helped us in successfully organizing the 4th #Digimeetup in Nashik.

Around 20 people took part in this meet up to discuss the latest updates, digital marketing trends, social media impacts and career scope in digital marketing.

The participant’s profiles were quite interesting, it consisted of a 16th-year-old aspiring digital marketer as well as businessmen who wanted to expand their businesses with the help of digital marketing.

The crowd was energetic, eager to learn more and more about digital marketing.

We had quite a blast there and we understood that awareness regarding digital marketing is spreading like anything.

People are understanding the impact and scope of it for their career as well as for their business growth in smaller cities and towns like Nashik also.

As a digital marketer, it was also an eye-opening thing about the opportunities prevailing in the smaller cities.

We shared the knowledge, clicked a lot of pics, laughed a lot and wished all of them good luck with a promise to meet again.

Glimpse moment of fourth Digital Marketing Meetup in Pune



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