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The short bio about Mr. Gopal Krishna

  • Founder & CEO of Visual Marketer, a 3-year-old digital agency
  • Creator of the 4-hour Facebook Funnel method
  • Helped more than 200 Entrepreneurs become Marketing Masters
  • Generated 1000s of leads and lakhs in revenues for clients and students
The Top 1% skill for succeeding with Facebook ads
 I recently ran a poll on my Facebook group on what’s the most challenging aspect of launching a Facebook ad and I got surprising results.
Most of them voted for Targeting. While it’s important, what we have seen with our own successful campaigns and our students/clients campaign is this:-
  •  The Top 1% Skill for Succeeding with Facebook ads is “Storytelling”
  •   With the same targeting that didn’t work, Gopal Iyer – one of our students sold 20 homes for his real estate project with stories.
  •   The reason is simply this:- People browsing Facebook are looking for Entertainment and Stories are the best way to serve them what they want.
And, there are only 3 stories you need to tell to convert strangers into leads and leads into sales.

  To know 3 Stories Click here- https://goo.gl/Mc94R9

   PPT link –  https://goo.gl/kdVNGi
   workShop Link-  https://goo.gl/j9gCkz


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