[Tweet “”You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime…””]

This is a famous line from a song called Lose Yourself by Eminem. This line tells you something. If you want to be someone who would achieve success in life then you have to hustle. Life isn’t always fair to everyone. So if you get one opportunity then you have to grab it with both hands and nail it.

Many of you who are working in a day job must have seen how very little you get from the companies which are utilizing your talent and skills to yield profit. So, you must have had thoughts about starting your full-time freelancing career in order to utilize your skills to its full potential and to reap more financial benefit out of it.

Meanwhile, when you decide to take the first step, you confront with the most powerful thing in this universe and that is your mind which is dragged to witness some myths about freelancing which can be a real blow to your aspirations as a freelancer. Some myths such as freelancing cannot be a full-time career, freelancers are not social, and freelancers live a lonely life, can literally demoralize you instantly.

The author of the bestselling book Words to inspire the winner in YOU, Dr Roopleen wrote in that book, [Tweet “If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”]

She also went on to state, [Tweet “”Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.””]

Therefore, if you want to have a successful freelancing career then you must here

11 steps that you must follow as your building blocks to greatness for a full-time freelancing career

  1. Be a Hustler, Never Give Up, and Learn
  2. Network Building
  3. Have a Definite Goal
  4. Have a Specific Niche
  5. Identify the Targeted Clients
  6. Do Collaborative Works
  7. Set Prices for Your Service Strategically
  8. Have an Attractive Looking Portfolio Website
  9. Attain Skills to Pitch Your Skills
  10. Choose Your First Client Carefully
  11. Mention The Potential Clients’ Names on the Contents

Now, let’s drive in details 11 Steps to Follow before Making Full-Time Freelancing Career

1] Be a Hustler, Never Give Up, and Learn

Freelancing is a challenging career. You will get the opportunity to learn every single day. You will confront the challenges and you will have to overcome them. If you hang up your shoes by seeing those challenges then it is a career not meant for you. If you are ready to hustle and learn from every single challenge that arrives in front of you with a never give up attitude then it is a career tailor-made for you as the foundation of greatness

2] Network Building

Building network is very important if you want to have a successful full-time freelancing career. Basically, building networks will allow you to connect with other fellow business owner and learn from them. As freelancing is a dynamic career option, you will also have to evolve with time and having a strong network will be really helpful for you in this regard.

3] Have a Definite Goal

Without any specific goals, pursuing any career will be a foolish act. That is why you, you should have a goal such as you want to see yourself in a specific position which will help you with visualization. It is an important step towards having a successful freelance career.

4] Have a Specific Niche

Now, if you are a digital marketing expert then you will find that there are so many people with the same expertise who are willing to charge very low in order to get the job. Now, if you work very hard, still, you will not find value for your work. At that time, you have to focus on the quality of your work. If you select your niche as a digital marketing expert, be more specific about it like an SEO expert or SMO expert. Remember, specialization has more value always.

5] Identify the Targeted Clients

Most freelancers fail because they fail to identify their targeted clients specifically. They pitch their services to the clients who actually don’t need their service and therefore, they don’t get clients. Hence, identifying the right set of clients whom you can target is very important.

6] Do Collaborative Works

Collaboration is a wonderful way to enrich your skills. When you collaborate with a team of a company to work on a specific project you tend to enrich your skills and become a much better professional by accumulating teamwork skills. This enhances your chances of having a successful full-time freelancing career.

7] Set Prices for Your Service Strategically

You have to set the prices for your services in a strategic manner. Otherwise, you will be working your heart out without getting adequate remuneration for your work. You will be hustling night and day to earn money. Some freelancers might tell you that they don’t make adequate money. However, some freelancers make a huge amount of money and that is why this profession is so popular. So, if you start by charging low prices initially then you will struggle to raise your charge. Therefore, you need to charge strategically for your service.

8] Have an Attractive Looking Portfolio Website

You need to create an attractive looking portfolio website which you can present to your clients. In this way, you will be able to create trust in your clients and get regular work from them and that too at a good price. Your website is the first thing that your client will be interested to see. So, if your website is not that attractive then you should not expect the client to rely on you for top-quality work. The more attractive the website is the more reliant the client will feel for good work.

9] Attain Skills to Pitch Your Skills

Unless you pitch your skills, your clients will never get enticed to avail your services. As a matter of fact, without a compelling sales pitch, you will find really difficult to get clients. In your sales pitch, you should not proceed the way every other freelancer is doing. You have to make sure that your sales pitch is different from others. Only then you will be able to make yourself a reliable candidate for the client and he or she will be more interested in hiring you than anyone else.

10] Choose Your First Client Carefully

You will have a limited time in the day to have clients for whom you will be able to work not only on the basis of the finance but also in building a portfolio. Therefore, you should carefully choose your first client who will give you monetary benefits as well give you ample scope to express yourself.

11] Mention The Potential Clients’ Names on the Contents

You must have a dream of working for a specific set of clients. You may not be ready to take their work yet but still, if you start mentioning their names in your contents, they will eventually start noticing that yes, you exist.

The Bottom Line

There is a no proven guideline which will help you to achieve success in full-time freelancing career. However, following these aforementioned 11 steps will help you to begin your journey as a freelance professional in the best possible manner.

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